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He will acquire abilities at least as great as the Fallen Ones from Heaven. Han Jihan is a young man in his late teens with dark brown hair although it looks purple sometimes and brown eyes. He is mainly seen wearing his school uniform: black pants, a blue shirt, and a red tie. At first, his physique could be described as being average, but after transforming into a high-level human, Jihan's physique has become a lot bulkier than before. More recently, he wears a brown jacket, or whatever shirt happens to be on, as he isn't battling right after school as much.

Before he gained the ability known as "The Gamer" and Jihan had no motivation or dreams to accomplish anything. Like many teenagers at his age, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life and sought for a way to become an important person in society.

Jihan has a simplistic outlook on life and as such, he possesses an easy-going and carefree attitude. Because of his obsessions with video games, Jihan can usually relate most things he learns about the Abyss and the Gaia Theory back to video games which make it simpler for him.

After getting accustomed to engaging enemies and levelling up, Jihan has become much more confident in his abilities and will only run away if the situation is out of his league. More recently, he has taken to unleashing his golems, nullifying enemies' magic, or just spiral mana bomb plus lightning arrowing them.

Jihan comes off as a geek whenever he starts talking about how things work in the game world. Seonil and Seyoung have frequently laughed at these monologues which annoys Jihan to no end. Thanks to the incredibly useful functions that his natural ability gives him such as creating drops from nothing, allowing him to learn skill books instantly, and obtaining passive skillsJihan has become very happy.

Seonil has frequently expressed distress at the unfair advantages that Jihan gloats about. However, after witnessing the overwhelming power of the gamer wiki harem king who are veterans in the Abyss, Jihan has been taken aback. In season 4, Jihan still gloats, but that is because he is actually very powerful, and has earned the right to brag.

The gamer wiki harem king

Because he has spent most of his life as a gamer, Jihan is shy around girls and has a hard time hiding his embarrassment when teased. Seyoung and Lolikiano Mistrim exploit this for all its worth and regularly teases him by getting close to him. Jihan has also expressed an interest in the opposite sex, such as Shiyeon and Seonga. For example, Jihan realized his energy bolt lacked piercing damage so he decided to manipulate his ki to add spinning properties to his attack, creating the Spinning Mana Arrow in the process. He even managed to use his skills creatively in situations that overcome the power of Gaia such as when the Church of Masks used the power of the world, Jihan used Douchery - a skill he got by accident at the beginning without grinding and managed to gain the upper hand.

When Han Jihan was younger he usually went over to Seonil 's house and attempted to get him to play video games which usually ended up with Seonil's grandfather getting angry and chasing Jihan around. It's also stated that when he was younger, he accidentally went into Pung Seyoung 's room and discovered she wears black silk lace panties. When she found this out, she ordered him to never reveal this information. The story began with Jihan explaining how much his life is like a video game.

The gamer wiki harem king

He demonstrated the ability to gain quests, EXP, and levels. He wasn't aware of how, or why, his life suddenly became like this. Just that he first noticed when a status window explained he had gained a level, and he put the five stat points he gained into Strength STR. At the end of the first chapter, it is explained he can also gain stat points by performing tasks that increase them in real life, such as studying and exercising.

The gamer wiki harem king

Han Jihan proceeds to have an encounter inside a protected space that he accidentally entered. Inside of it, he encountered Hwan Seongon and Kwon Shiyeon. Jihan attempted to escape since both parties were higher level than he was, only to be captured by one of Seongon's creatures, the Black Slimeand used as a pawn to force Shiyeon to fight Seongon's summoned creatures. Jihan escapes and defeats Seongon's creature gaining him two levels. After which he is questioned by Kwon Shiyeon. Later, Jihan asked Seonil how to get out of a protected space, which led to Seonil threatening Jihan by grasping his beck and asking him what did he do to his friend.

Jihan then made some silly talk, and Seonil understood it was actually him. Afterwards, Seonil explained to him about protected spaces. While he taught him how to get out and inside a protected space, he gained three skills. Jihan also learned that his powers were granted to him from The gamer wiki harem kingwhich means, he is an innate fighter.

Seonil came to the conclusion that he got his power because he was almost addicted to video games. Jihan proceeds to get caught once again in a protected space filled with zombies. Using the skills he's developed so far, Jihan fights the zombies and acquires a level and an object known as a Spirit Stone. Jihan later visited Seonil. He hadn't come to school "because he got a bad cold", or that was Seyoung told Jihan. Jihan then mentioned that he knows he went to fight Seongon Hwan.

Seyoung lets him inside the house and le him to a protected space made by the Guild. Inside of it, Seyoung tested him out in battle to see if he's the Jihan she knows of. Jihan mentions that she has been wearing black silk lace underwears and Seyoung hit him again and told him not to mention that ever again. She realized he's the real Jihan and led him to Seonil. Seonil was alive but heavily injured. Jihan, asked Seonil if he minds if the book besides him disappears and he says no, as the book was simply a mass-produced copy.

As Jihan learned the book using his gamer ability, he gained the skill Yeon Hon Principle. Jihan used this skill twice on Seonil and he was cured instantly. Afterwards Seyoung told him that using the Yeon Hon Principle is not something everyone can do, something which surprised Jihan. Jihan later returned to Seonil's residence to test his skill gaining knowledge. Jihan learned a variety of skills that all increased his stats, and was even given weapons to go with the various weapon mastery skills he's given.

Jihan then ventures into various illusion barriers with Seonil where the two encounter bosses that drop healing potions, money, and various other objects. The majority of these objects are given to Seonil's clan Cheon Bu Guild to sell for large quantities of money. Jihan is also introduced to a company called "Abyss Auction", and the world of "Abyss" in general.

Abyss is an underground world of those who have powers similar to Jihan. Jihan constantly wrestles with the issue of ing the Abyss or remaining in the real world. To date Jihan has accepted even if he does not indulge in the Abyss he must become strong so Abyss people do not kill him.

Using Abyss Auction Jihan gains a multitude of items and skills to complement his goal with becoming a Mage", a Magician a Wizard as all terms are used at some point in the story. It is revealed that when his base stat levels become 50,andJihan gains additional skills.

Though Jihan doesn't seem to grasp this concept despite hitting 50 twice, once, and once. Jihan's power is considered impressive at several points, though it appears the people who consider that power "impressive" are still stronger than he is. It is revealed to be an abnormality in certain people, and his highly coveted since people with "Black Soul" have the potential to become incredibly strong. As it is revealed that is the case with Hwan Seongon. It is revealed he is unable to do so and continues to train his Yeon Hon Recovery skill to be able to do so.

At one point Jihan and The gamer wiki harem king go on a date together. Seong-A seems naive to the way a date works, but Hwan Seongon does not. This in a new skill being created, and leveled up five times, from the amount of bloodlust Jihan is subjected to. The arc continues Han Jihan's training arc. Letting him level up his various skills, stats, and his overall level. Jihan also encounters Lolikiano Mistrim, "The Witch of Carnage" carnage has been interchanged with slaughter in some versionsand her companion "Great Wolf" when Jihan and Seong-A are targeted by two Abyss warriors.

Jihan is unable to damage the two, but able to escape them with Seong-A. Lolikiano reveals these two warriors are weak, and disposes of them, per her contract with Seongon. Lolikiano then demonstrates an interest in Jihan. Even inviting him out on a date. Jihan refuses and is given her card with her phone before leaving.

The gamer wiki harem king

Jihan encounters Lolikiano once more inside of another illusion barrier where she is being hunted by another group called "The Black Rock". Despite Jihan being incredibly weaker, he assists Lolikiano and her warrior in defeating this group. Doing so allowed Jihan to level up and gain a new skill.

Jihan also became "marked" When Lolikiano kissed him. After leveling up his skills more Jihan came upon a battle where many Abyss warriors were attempting to harm Hwan Seongon and Seong-A. Jihan, along with Kwon Shiyeon arrive to aid them. Though aside from getting rid of weak enemies, they are mostly unable to help, until the pivotal moment when Jihan heals an injured, and nearly beaten, Seongon.

The gamer wiki harem king

It is revealed Seongon is under attack from a group called "The Company" which, as the name implies, is intent on making vast amounts of money. The Company's main power is revealed to be its vast fortune. Which, when purchasing land and objects, gives them complete control over what they've purchased.

The gamer wiki harem king

Though it appears there are exceptions to this rule. As Jihan is able to move freely despite the company purchasing the land. Implying the company must directly command what they wish, and aren't able to command all things.

Seongon emerges victorious and asks to repay Jihan. To which Jihan states he only wishes books. Seongon deduces it is for Jihan's ability to gain skills using books and agrees to supply Jihan with skill books. Though to this day, it is unclear if Seongon has made good on his promise. Lolikiano makes the same offer and is asked to teach Jihan magic. A request that Lolikiano finds intriguing and agrees to take Jihan on as a pupil for one month. After the battle with the Company, an unknown group creates a new mobile application game called "The Age of the Great Labyrinth.

The gamer wiki harem king

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