Simpsons game walkthough

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The Simpsons Game. Homer is the only character you'll play in this level. Have him hop across the chocolate river until he gets to the other side, then use a double-jump to get onto the ledge. Go across the bridge and defeat the chocolate rabbits. Then pound through the chocolate carts to continue along the path. You'll see a Marge chocolate fountain up ahead, which acts as an enemy respawn.

Destroy that and continue onward. Three more Marge chcocolate fountains will appear in an area near a giant cake. Destroy them as well and press the button that's near the cake to cause giant ice cream cookies to move around. Jump onto the ice cream cookies to get onto the cake. Then ascend up to the top of the cake where the White Chocolate Rabbit awaits. Destroy him and you'll turn into a Homer Ball. Homer will then drop inside the cake, where you can run him into chocolate rabbits and carts using a dash attack.

The level will eventually end with Homer waking up, realizing the whole thing was a dream. The objective is to help Bart stop three teenagers from stealing things inside the Springfield Natural History Museum. Start off with Bart. Have him jump across the small gap and destroy the box near the ledge so he can climb up onto it. Then head into the large chamber and go up the steps to the right until he can't go any further. Switch to Homer and have him stand on a pressure pad. This will make more steps appear on the wall Bart is trying to climb up to reach a giant statue.

Switch to Bart and continue up the steps to the statue. Then have him glide down to the island in the middle of the chasm and have him stand on the pressure simpsons game walkthough to make a bridge appear so he and Homer can cross the chasm. As you go across, a simpsons game walkthough will initiate where Bart and Homer see the three teenagers talk about their plans.

Continue across the bridge as Bart, then go over to the corner where you see a patch of vines on the wall and climb up to a ledge where you can jump across some platforms to the left to one where you'll see a switch and two pressure p. Throw the switch, then have Bart stand on one pressure pad while Homer comes over and steps on the other. This will open up a gate for you to enter the next room with the giant dinosaur fossil.

Simpsons game walkthough

Take down the security guards first, then have Bart and Homer climb up the ladder to the top of the scaffold. Have Homer stand on the head of the dinosaur to raise up the tail so Bart can glide down to the ledge on the other side of the room. Go through that passageway into the next room. Drop down and throw the switch next to the volcano. This will open up a door and cause steam to come out of the volcano. Now jump into the steam as Bartman and use it to rise up to a pterodactyl so you can bounce up to a zipline near the ceiling.

Ride the zipline as far as it will take you, where you will land on a treetop. Make your way to the highest treetop and aim for the target behind the glass where one of the teens is hiding. This will cause a dinosaur to fall down and trap him. One teenager down and two more to go. Go through the door that is now open and you'll enter simpsons game walkthough diarama section of the museum, where the second teen is hiding.

Simpsons game walkthough

Deal with the security guards first before having Homer step into the Zap the Past booth, causing three targets to light up. Switch to Bart and aim at all three targets in the display, from left to right, to make the teen move to the next diarama. This will cause a panel to move so you can enter that section of the room.

Simpsons game walkthough

Again deal with the security guards first. Again have Homer step into the Zap the Past booth. Then as Bart, aim for the target that's near the drawbridge first before aiming at the leftmost target to make the teen run across the bridge. Hit the rightmost target to send him into the next and final diarama.

More security guards will come, so deal with them first. Have Homer step into the Zap the Past booth. Then have Bart aim at all four targets from left to right. This will cause the teenage to burst through the wall where you can fight him. Beat him up until he's lying on the floor.

Two teenagers down, only one left. Go through the door and you'll now enter the space display. Take out the security guards first, then have Bart climb up on the wall of the rockface on the left. Get him on the ledge facing the three fans, two of which are blowing upward and one of which is inactive. Switch to Homer and have him stand next to the inactive fan to turn it on. Switch to Bart and have him glide down into the air blowing from each of the fans.

If timed right, Bart will land on top of the space shuttle. Go over to the front of the shuttle and jump onto the pole so Bart will be able to climb back up using it if he should ever fall. Leap off the pole and onto the first planet's ring, then leap onto the second planet's ring, then leap onto the top of a building and simpsons game walkthough the button to make a ladder drop down for Homer to climb up. Switch to Homer and climb up to the top of the building, then have him leap onto the satellite to weigh one end of it down. Switch to Bart and have him go to the other end of the satellite, which is now raised up so he can leap onto simpsons game walkthough Earth's ring.

From there leap onto a space saucer, then jump onto two more saucers until you get to the main saucer where the third teen is hiding. Leap onto that saucer, and the teen will leap down from there and attack you. Use Bart's slingshot to knock him down.

Simpsons game walkthough

All three culprits are now taken care of and the police can take them away. You start off with 2 minutes in this part of the game. Start off with Homer. Get him enough food so he can turn into a Homer Ball, then roll him up the ramp on the right and do a dash across the gap so he can enter Australia. Two more minutes of time are added. Roll through the archway underneath the brick wall to go to Mexico. Have Homer dash into the giant taco to enter a passageway that le into Simpsons game walkthough.

Switch to Bart and run up the ramp that le to France. You'll also see Willy throwing a switch that closes up the gate between France and Scotland. Get Bart up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and then have him glide down as Bartman to the X-marked pad on top of the wall. Then go over and throw the switch to open the gate. Switch to Homer and have him go through the gate to enter Scotland.

In Scotland, have Homer do a dash attack into Stonehenge to knock the rocks down. Then have him get onto the giant bagpipes to do a ground-pound attack as Homer Ball to activate the pipes. Switch to Bart and have him jump into the stream of air from the bagpipes so he can rise high enough to land on top of the wall and throw a switch to open another gate.

Switch to Homer and have him go through the gate into Italy. Do a Homer Ball dash up the ramp into the meatball hanging on the giant fork to let a spaghetti noodle dangle down. Switch to Bart and have him climb up the noodle and then climb up the scaffolding to the top of the Colliseum. Then have him jump down to the Golden Gate Bridge and climb up the vines to the top of the bridge. From there do a Bartman glide down to the switch that's near America Land and throw it to open the gate.

Switch to Homer and go through the gate into America Land. A Statue of Liberty will rise up holding a giant hamburger in her right hand. Here there's no time limit. Have Homer turn into Homer Ball to do a ground-pound on top of the giant silver dollar to make the ring of dancer cutouts disappear for a short while, then have Homer do a dash into the front side of the statue to lower it down.

Homer needs simpsons game walkthough do this three times to make the hamburger fall to the ground. Once the hamburger is down, just do a dash into it to eat it. Homer wins the challenge and the losers have to clean up the place. The objective is to help Lisa put an end to Mr. Burns' clear-cutting deforestation project. Take down the loggers so that the gate can open. Once inside the gate, destroy the porta-potty so that no more loggers can come out to harrass you.

Switch to Lisa. Have her jump onto a tree stump where there's a Buddha shrine "pray station" is located, then have her use her mystical power to move some cut tree sections onto tree stumps leading to the top of another gate. Switch to Bart. Have him jump onto those tree stumps to get to the top of the gate and throw the switch to open it.

Then hop down and destroy the porta-potty in that section. Switch to Lisa and have her get to the "pray station" to move a hat from a tree-moving machine so Bart simpsons game walkthough jump into the steam it produces and glide onto the conveyor belt. Switch to Bart and get him on the conveyor belt to kick down a spring so Lisa can him. Have Bart stand on one button while Lisa stands on the other to deactivate some grinding rollers, allowing the both of you to pass through. Have Bart go ahead and target each of the loggers firing shots at you to get them out of the way.

Then safely get past the spinning saw blades and aim Bart's slingshot at the machine's control panel to stop the saw blades. Go up the steps and move safely past the three vertical blades until you get to a switch and throw it to stop the blades. Then make your way past the spinning blades and throw another switch to stop them as well so Lisa can now you. Have Lisa hop down from the conveyor belt and leap across the saw blades to the "pray station" so she can move part of the conveyor belt over the pool of toxic waste so she and Bart can cross it.

A cutscene will then show Carl and Lenny being knocked down from a tree and trapped under it riding down a conveyor belt to their doom. Go across the bridge as Bart and have him take down the logger shooting at you and then destroy the porta-potty. Switch to Lisa and get her to the "pray station" to move some explosive barrels onto the conveyor belt to destroy the machine. Switch to Bart and have him use the spring to jump across the fence to the other side.

Use the zip line to ride across the river, then take care of the loggers on the other side and destroy the porta-potty before throwing the switch on one of the docks. This will cause logs, alligators, and giant turtles to appear in the water. Switch to Lisa and have her leap across the logs, alligators, and giant turtles to the other side of the river. Then guide her to the "pray station" where she can move some pipes near the northern wall between two platforms to the right so that steam will blow up. Switch to Bart and float up to the platforms to get to the walkway.

A cutscene will show Carl and Lenny getting closer to the grinding machine. You now have a minute to save them. Have Bart throw a switch to open a gate in the walkway, then switch to Lisa and have her jump up onto the walkway and use the "pray station" to lift up the tree from Simpsons game walkthough and Lenny. They will thank the kids for the rescue.

Aim Bart's slingshot at the target behind the gears when it shows. The pellet will move in slow motion toward its target and hit it, thus destroying the grinding machine and putting an end to the deforestation project. Start off with Marge. Have her use her megaphone to get Ned Flanders to her mob. Then direct him to destroy the GTS float that's to the left of a building. Go through the path that the destroyed float opens and summon Apu to.

Direct the group to destroy the GTS float that's blocking access to the street where the SequelStop game store is located. Some kids wearing Itchy and Scratchy masks will attack you.

Simpsons game walkthough

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