Sex text adventure games

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Sex text adventure games

Install the app. Sex and Sex Again - Text based choose-your-own-adventure game. Thread starter IcarusDragon Start date Sep 9, You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. IcarusDragon Member. Sep 9, 12 0. Hello, My name is IcarusDragon and I am currently working on a text based, second person, choose-your-own-adventure game. Although it's nowherre near completion, I'd like some feedback on what others think. I don't know if editing the first post will bump the forum, so I'll post my content in a new post.

Editthis became increasingly hard to work with so I spent my time getting it onto Quest, thinking it'll be easier. I am now, switching it over again to Twine and will have an alpha version out on that within a few weeks. For the meantime, I'll redirect you to the editthis. Although it's slow sometimes, you'll be able to tab and better navigate the even more incomplete story.

I'm currently working on this as a sort of hobby, but would like to do it full time. You can check out and follow me at icarusdragon. As a disclaimer, the gam eis very incomplete and I've been told, frustrating. If you'll put up with it, check it out and tell me what sex text adventure games think.

It's been in development for about a year now and although it's not anywhere close to where I'd like it to be, I'm opening it up as an Alpha version.

Sex text adventure games

It's themes include but are not limited to fantasy, time travel, consensual sex, incest, rape, prostitution, domination, submission, extreme forms of sex, role playing, anal sex and whatever else I can think of. What's done: - There's currently written s of story line, mostly focusing on Kevin the main character. Her outside interactions will be variations of Kevin's day. What's planned: - Full interactive world that doesn't limit to you incest but incest will remain a heavy theme - Neighbors, friends, school mates, teachers, strangers as possible sexual partners.

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Sex text adventure games

Aug 29, 5 0. Well, you've got my attention. The premise is interesting enough, and your writing style isn't bad, either. Quick question - I poked around a bit but didn't find any sex scenes. Have any been integrated yet? Reinhart New Member. Sep 9, 1 0. Your basic concept has a lot of promise and sounds interesting, although the premise is of course a classic AIF set-up. You're already aware of this, but I need to emphasize that you're taking on way too much right now. I'd recommend not worrying at all about the playable female character until you get a semblance of actual playability for the male.

It's definitely a noble and great concept to want to provide the player with as unbounded as possible, but giving so much choice to the player comes at the cost of your sanity, peace of mind, and ironically the experience of playing the game itself. I'd suggest making a road-map that sets up an enjoyable if curtailed experience in the near future—if you're getting positive feedback and players are getting a concrete example of what your work looks like, you'll get a lot more positive feelings and feedback.

Making people register to access the game is a pretty big hurdle, and Twine's a great platform. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 9, Aligator Member. Sep 10, 7 8. I've played a little bit of this game and I feel I have to mention this. You said this is your first time trying to release it. Are you sure? Because I find it very similar to Marmota Nightsa unfinished text adventure I've played before.

You might be saying that this is your first time converting it to a game and all, which would sex text adventure games sense, but still, I have to ask LFox Member. Aug 27, 11 3. It's an nice start and I'd be interested in seeing more. It'll also be a lot less annoying for people to play as they won't need to up to a website and set their age.

I think your biggest issue right now is you sex text adventure games A LOT of dead ends, it's probably best to have the option visible but without a link to them ifying it will be there in the future but it's not ready yet. As it is now it's just infuriating since there doesn't seem to be a back button of any sort so you keep having to restart. Yamemai Well-Known Member.

Sex text adventure games

Sep 4, 70 5. Anyways, I agree with the others; 1. Should change 'dead ends' so we don't have to start from the beginning again. Alligator, just checked your link, and it's not just similar, character names are the same, and most of the scenes are too, so most likely, they are the same person. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 11, Aligator said:. Click to expand Yamemai said:. IcarusDragon said:. Yes, that was me.

Sex text adventure games

I was inspired by some of the stories I read there and started to work on my own. I posted it there but didn't get much traction, plus organization on editthis. I stopped updating and I worked on getting it out through various ways: building my own engine, using Quest, etc. I held off on releasing it until now because I didn't want it to be incomplete.

I know, it still is, but less so than it would have been. And Marmota Nights was a mouthful, so I changed it. Honestly, I didn't expect anyone to have read MN or referenced it. Good eye! Sep 7, Not bad, looking forward for more. Jak Member. Aug 30, 6 0. Only thing I would say is that I wish you could make a customise character rather than what's chosen.

Tinman Well-Known Member. Aug 30, It's fun but becomes frustrating when you hit so many dead ends.

Sex text adventure games

Blank s or a lack of options, usually on the second day or after tagging along with someone for their day, seem to show up for every path right now. Since this does seem to happen before or during most of the sex scenes this makes trying to explore paths difficult and unfulfilling then there's the need to refresh the to restart the game every time a dead end pops up. I definitely like the idea and the writing is good, but I'll wait until more has been added before I try again.

Sex text adventure games

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Sex text adventure games

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