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If not, I highly recommend it. Sounds kewl to me! So I looked it up, found it and played it. And I luv it! Such a fun game! Very detailed transformations and mind alterations. Unfortunately, I've finished those games and am now having a hard time finding more TG games. What I find is either incomplete or just not as good as some of the other games I've found. TG TF games with an involuntary change, bimboization, and mind changes. Any help would be very appreciated. Please and thank you! That would be so kewl. Those are some fun enjoyable TF games that I think could possibly be made into comics, plus it would be easier to get in touch with the maker of those games.

Just a suggestion, if you're interested. Go to this site:Then in the search bar on the top right, type in the game you need help with and you'll find the forum topic for that game, where people rags tg games questions about what to do in the game and others help them out. You'll need to make an to access most of the site, but creating an is free, so there shouldn't be a problem.

All you need is an and you're set. As for these specific problems, it has been a while since I played these games. I think she gives you another pair of shoes.

Rags tg games

Ones that don't make you fall down while dancing. Claire as well as Tiffany Thompson, then you can have a different option then just asking Melvin to the prom. Hope I was able to help you out. The composition for the River Barges commission was one of the first ones I did and it showed. Plus it was kind of silly on a crit you'd then get non-commissioned art. So I've changed that by splitting the two pieces and redoing them. Especially for the ooze caller start leaving her with no oozes at all. So I've adjusted the Shun the Other and Ooze Caller oods both upwards compared to where they were before.

Rags tg games

Same for the male lago'mae start. As a reminder for those who aren't aware that it's possible you can find out if a slaver has the Dominant or Submissive traits by talking to them. Also added a couple more variations. Wisps now get the same let off for being constantly naked like oozes and driders currently do.

Driders, and wrights base rep bonus more towards being feared a bit. New commission for Scout the Plains. Being Beloved will protect for getting more feared while being Dreaded will protect you from being more liked. Made some more adjustments so that while being feared is still easier to lose the fall rags tg games be less harsh when messing up asments compared to say them being your bed warmer or walking around something super slutty.

Being Popular or Beloved will be far less likely to get onto the obsessed over path. Same for Feared or Dreaded for the being disliked path. Failures will be less likely to cause changes rags tg games before. Being Liked or Popular will be less likely to switch over to the Respected path. One of which has her own specific lore. She also now has specific art to reflect her status as a unique.

I do mean to write specific variations to take of Mal but that'll take a bit longer -Added Flat Chested as an option for females and sissies in full custom. Sorry Naztusk, but you'll always be the princess of our hearts -Fix for reputation from encampment level ups up not showing. Replaced the basic drow slaver examine due to this. Also added a racial for them so now it's even more Favoured than it would have been.

New asment to allow a safer way to dispose of slaves. Going yourself gives a of potential options along the way to both change up the rewards, change the risk, and give the chance for some roleplay if you fancy. I've also added many alternate vignettes in those outcomes when referring to specific races you encounter with common, uncommon, and rare versions to make the world seem bigger and more varied.

Going to try to do more of that in future. These encounters will have increasing consequences depending on how often it happens. Note: If you are already a puppet-leader or are forming a line every night either of those will disable this one. Every start now has six new favoured and five unfavoured selections of which can be traits, asment types, regions, other races, and attire Kreen are missing one unfavoured due to leaving a space open for planned content.

Includes every currently playable race and subtype even the ones only available usually in scenarios or with a promoted slaver.

Rags tg games

Some races have other special bonuses like the old additional gold or supplies. Due to this there are now more options of races to outcast into that replace your current set of bonuses as before. An alternate cum splattered version will now be used for Nethemir slaves.

Also used a crop for a new Nethemir portrait start. Will be also used for a new portrait to replace the old High Elf Sentinel one. The clothed and unclothed versions will also be used for High Elf female rags tg games and slave examines respectively. Option in the preferences for a more zoomed in version for those that don't want the full spider-gal experience. Includes a patron provided one with a new aspect. Oozes now come with a racial though I do mean to add to this in a later update.

Includes a patron provided one with a new aspect, a loreand not one but two different commissions for her. Having Dominant or Switch now protects against gaining Sub on the slave escape crit. Gaining Obedient now also requires Cowardly. Stubborn is now removed first rather than being dependent on also removing Defiant.

Unproven slavers should now shift to None quicker if they don't rags tg games one of the other reputations letting you dismiss them a lot quicker if you don't like them. Only some minor adjustments for now though among those are that Wild Trolls are now Cheries Lcalled Abyss Trolls and their starting trait packages have been changed.

Added Sex Addict to many of the sex texts when checking for the 'better' text. Insatiable now also counts for this check, and for those sex texts where sex addict was being checked. It will also tell you if you got close in the attempt. Seven new asments including: The True-Angel commission also the first Super Rare asmentthe Tentacle Beast commission, the Witch commission, the Lady of Light commission, an asment with two versions a regular repeatable version and one to complete the drow sorceress storyline which also includes a new bad endand two new uncommons for the plains and city respectively.

Both of which have new aspects. Updated the art sources to include all the commissions, both the patreon ones, and the patron provided ones so far to the game. Now if insatiable will not count sex addict as a positive when being train until they are obedient or have adv. New asment to start the Biomancy storyline with commissioned art provided by a patron. Includes new biomancy options, improvements, and the possibility of exceptional. Profane gear will also boost corruption asments.

Takes for all roles with extra text for bed warmers and camp bitches. While not for all of them it does include specific text for 26 different slaves including one coming in a following update. Thank you so much for those! Improved the slaver takeover functionality from the solo QAYL mini-adventure so rather than a blank portrait now every eligible race and gender combo has a new portrait.

Due to all the combinations needed that means there are effectively a whopping 96 new playable options including races that have not ever been playable before including Lizardmen, Asanei, and Oozes.

Rags tg games

Along with having the chance to have them takeover as part of a normal playthrough these are also all available as part of the TF Edition. If you do these the race traits will persist through the full custom like they do currently with harpies and the like. You lose the asment bonus, will have a much harder time with respect checks, and be immune to takeover attempts for now.

Rags tg games

Two new alternative neko succubus playable starts. Old one has updated traits, and one of the new ones is patron requested with their own commissioned art, loreand new gameplay. It is also now listed under examine integrated into the cock description. Three new uniques in a northern zealot of the Frozen Queen, a golem stalker utilizing long forgotten secrets, and a dwarf jill-of-all-trades with a particular zeal for restraints of all kinds. Submitted review:No Haven is one of those games I keep checking in on every so often.

It's a fantastic game, done with a great amount of simulation management, fantasy role play, and of course sex. This isn't a VN where you just click through and wank, but an actual game to play and enjoy. The biggest flaw in the game itself is that you really hit points where you realize this game is still in development and there's unfinished areas. But such is the nature of an incomplete game, right? A bit of salt as review. Devs only now added some interaction with personal bed-warmer. So content-wise it develop much slower even then infamous Princess Trainer or new akabur game.

Be warned - game have a ton of erotic elements, but lack any real content. If you still wanna try - wait for cheat version. These are currently available in game, but only if you manage to change from male to female which rags tg games be tricky. They will be classed as female.

Rags tg games

There will also be a small amount of extra text at the beginning of the game to reflect your choice and a few other bits of rewording. As of 0. This allows you to play them as without the limitations of the Scenario and choose to fully customise them like a normal start. This currently unlocks 15 additional starting options from the transformed portraits and 16 additional starting options from the Scenarios and more will be added in future updates I'm sure. Update: This now includes the 3 harpy starts from the most recent Scenario. This will also apply to Whorelock's when the Twine conversion work is complete.

I might swap it to Girly Girl when I get round to implementing that for the full path I'm going to do for fully TF'd sissies.

Rags tg games

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